Why I'm Running

I’m running for Portland City Council, Position No. 4  because Portland deserves a City Commissioner who can bring a renewed sense of energy, compassion, and purpose to City Hall. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived at our doors steps, our city was at a critical point - too many feel we are losing opportunities to tackle our most urgent challenges. 

Now, more than ever, it’s time for a leader with a proven track record of bringing Portlanders together to get the tough stuff done. You know me as someone who not only shares your progressive values but can deliver results in the service of a holistic agenda to benefit all Portlanders. I’m dedicated to continuing to serve all of Portland, the city we love. 

Together We Can

  • Save lives, local jobs, businesses, schools, and nonprofits, using the experience of having helped lead Portland through the Great Recession, when the Portland region was one of the hardest-hit locales, to one of the strongest local economic recoveries in the nation.

  • Address houselessness and the lack of affordable housing in a more effective way.

  • Reduce gridlock and make our transportation system safer for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.

  • Adequately support neighborhood businesses and small employers to create more, local, and good-paying jobs.

  • Restore cuts to parks programs and community centers that our seniors and families rely on.

I look forward to earning your vote. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk, please email or call or text me 503-421-8925. I’ll get back to you!

Thank you,


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Top financial contributors: City of Portland's Open and Accountable Elections program and Peter Zuckerman, author.

5514 Northeast 31st Ave
Portland, OR 97211

(503) 421-8925