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Proven Leadership We Need Right Now

Proven Leadership We Need Right Now
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Proven Leadership We Need Right Now
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Proven Leadership We Need Right Now

Lori Buckwalter
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Lori Buckwalter

Antoinette Edwards
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Antoinette Edwards

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With the city under tremendous financial pressure, Adams cut costs aggressively... managed to accomplish great things. He implemented curbside composting, expanded the city's bicycle infrastructure, and led major civic improvements, such as securing the Timbers and Thorns a bigger stadium, without giving away too much of the public's money.”


Adams is the obvious choice for this position. He is a strong leader... As we look to the future, we believe Adams will bring innovative, big- picture thinking to the council, which is very much needed. Adams outstrips his opponents in experience, knowledge and his ability to get things done.”

Working Families Support Sam


SEIU Local 49 members work in a variety of facilities in the healthcare, security, custodial and service industries.

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International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers

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The Street Trust
The Street Trust

Fighting to make walking, biking, and transit safe and convenient for everyone.

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Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

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Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters

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Home Builders Association
Home Builders Association
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Basic Rights Oregon
Basic Rights Oregon

Basic Rights Oregon works fearlessly and tirelessly to build a strong, vibrant, powerful, and progressive movement for LGBTQ equality

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Oregon Smart Growth
Oregon Smart Growth

Advocacy for development that's economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

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What Portlanders Are Saying


“He shows up, again and again, he’s out in our community, he listens more than he talks, asks questions, offers ideas, takes feedback, respectful, gets things done, monitors progress, keeps at it.”

Antoinette Edwards

Portland’s Office of Youth Violence Intervention,* Retired


“Sam deepened and grew WRI's climate action research and educational work in the United States and beyond. At a time when this country needed it most, Sam and his team, with evidence-based research and recommendations, pushed back on those that sought to dismiss the root causes of our collective climate crisis. And as co-manager of the launch of America's Pledge, he showed how cities can and should step up their climate actions efforts.

Paula Caballero

World Resources Institute, former Director of the Global Climate Action Program*


“Sam was a driving force behind getting critical funding helping get people off the streets and into recovery, offering treatment beds for people with both addiction and mental health issues. Hundreds of people have gone through this program with a significant number of them clean and sober today. This happened because of Sam’s leadership and tenacity.”

Austin Raglione

Former Director, Portland Service Coordination Team*


“Sam encouraged me and supported me in 2004 to run for Portland City Council, he said he would not run for the seat if I did. He kept his word. He only jumped into the race after I decided not to run. Sam has been a big supporter of women and equity at all levels in our community.”

Maria Rojo de Steffey

Former Multnomah County Commissioner


“As publisher of the Asian Reporter for 33 years, I have known a lot of elected officials. Sam Adams stands out among them in terms of supporting our community. His Future Connect scholarship initiative with PCC has changed hundreds of young lives, youths of color, most are first-time college students in the families.”

Jaime Lim

Publisher, Asian-Reporter*


“He spoke up for it, pushed for it, made changes for it -as the arts commissioner, Sam knows a strong, diverse, inclusive and equitable local arts and culture community can bring our entire city together.”

Phillip Hillaire

Artist and culturalist, member of Co-Salish Nation,* East Portland resident


“It is a simple but deeply important truth, for decades, Sam has always stood up for teachers, public schools and students when they needed it most, helping to prevent strikes, supporting new buildings, transit passes for our students... it’s a long list.” 

Ann Nice

President, Retired, Portland Association of Teachers*


“Sam has an exciting vision for Portland’s future. As a youth advocate, it was clear that he values everyone’s input and strives to make the city work better for all.”

Jules Renaud

Recent University of Oregon graduate, appointed by Sam as the youth advocate on the Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee*


“Sam isn’t just a pioneer in being an LGBTQ+ public official, he is a trailblazer in helping see the enactment of public policy that protects us and gives us real rights we deserve. Just look at the list: Sam Adams profile.”

Chuck Wolfe

Former CEO of national LBGTQ+ Victory Fund*


“I’m with Sam because he never forgets his hardscrabble youth or being put down for just being gay. He knows you have to reach out to get diverse opinions, not everyone can or feels comfortable going to City Hall.”

Juan Martinez

North Portland resident


"As an Asian-American, I appreciate that Sam takes on the tough issues with both doggedness AND humility, that he does not claim to have all the answers but seeks to involve all of us to find them."

Anthony Johnson

Drug Reform Advocate


“Sam hired me to work on the Mayor Vera Katz team and we’ve been great friends ever since — even when he and my Dad ran against each other for Mayor in 2008! He’s delivered real results for our community.”

Eliza Dozono

Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association, Oregon Minority Lawyers Association, Oregon Women Lawyers* 

* Title and organization names are noted for personal identification purposes only, they do not indicate an organizational endorsement of Sam Adams.

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