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Arts Liaison

“Since overseeing the city's stewardship over arts and cultural programs and initiatives four years ago as a new commissioner, Adams has said and done the right things. In that time, Adams has helped raise the percentage of art from the budget of urban development projects 1 percent to 2 percent; advocated several important programs such as Work for Art, which cultivates new donors from the workplace, and Arts Partners, an initiative to create arts education opportunities; and championed the Northeast Portland artist condo development Milepost 5. Above all, he's done his homework. Adams is a notable policy wonk, and his office has prepared volumes of research on how arts and cultural programs directly raise Portland's quality of life.”[i]

Arts Liaison

Adams fulfilled a city council campaign promise by hiring Jesse Beason as his staff arts liaison[ii], the city’s first near full-time arts liaison in three years.



[i] Row, D.K. (June 29, 2008). “Art for arts' sake.” The Oregonian. Page 1.


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