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Federal Stimulus Could Skip Multnomah County

Jurisdictions at all levels are anxiously awaiting relief funds to address budget shortfalls and rising costs in the face of COVID 19. It now looks like Multnomah County is in danger of not seeing it’s share of those funds. ​It is unacceptable that the federal government is considering an option that pits the City of Portland against Multnomah County in a fight for critically needed funds. I am deeply concerned that this will leave the county unable to provide support services to our most vulnerable community members at a time when the need is higher than ever. Meanwhile, the City of Portland must have funds to ensure we are able to come out of this situation with our lives and livelihoods intact.

I urge Governor Brown to call a special session in Salem to pass a budget, which legislature wasn’t able to do in the last session due to several disruptions. Additionally, I urge our Federal Delegation to not only ask for clarification but to strongly advocate for relief funding to all State, County, and City jurisdictional partners. We must stand together to weather this pandemic and come out stronger on the other side.



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