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Houselessness Top Concern Among Portlanders

More than 1,700 people completed our campaign Portland Priorities Survey.

At the start of our campaign, we shared a Portland Priorities Survey with people across the city. I wanted to hear what our community sees as the most critical challenges facing our city. More than 1,700 people completed the survey — WAY more than we anticipated! The answers confirmed my deep feeling of concern for our home. Then, I saw the solutions you presented and was reminded what it is that makes this city special — people like you! Portland is a city of engaged, compassionate, and progressive people that believe in our ability to make a difference — but what I hear from Portlanders every day is how you feel overrun by the challenges we face and frustrated by the disconnect between citizens and City Hall. If Portland is the City that works, why are we having such a difficult time making it work for everyone?

With the right leadership and a renewed focus on collaboration, it’s clear that we can change the status quo. For those of you that participated so far, your feedback has been invaluable, and serves as the foundation of my Portland City Council campaign policy priorities.

Overwhelmingly, Portlanders agree that to reach our potential as a city we must:

  • Address houselessness in a safe and compassionate way.

  • Provide considerably more affordable housing in an effective and equitable way.

  • Prioritize a transportation system that is safer for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.

  • Restore cuts to parks programs and community centers that our families rely on.

  • Support neighborhood businesses and small employers to create more local, good-paying jobs.

Portlanders Top Concerns

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