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Supporting Portland's Local Economy

Local jobs and businesses are in trouble. Portland’s small employers don’t have the deep pockets of national corporations and often operate on a shoestring. But we all depend on them.  Most Portlanders work for small businesses. That’s why we need to take extraordinary measures to help workers and small businesses.

We need our local businesses to survive this pandemic. What can we do to support them? First and foremost, buy locally! Many neighborhood businesses are delivering. Most restaurants and coffee shops are still doing take out.  To do my part, I’ve visited the local businesses below over the last week and am using Facebook and Twitter (see links to my video's below) to get the word out about them. Please share these posts or create your own with your favorite spots so we can spread the word about where people can get what they need in your neighborhood:

You can also visit for a list of local restaurants delivering. 

We are in this together!

UPDATE: Click here for information on Supporting Local Non-Profits

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