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Inna Levin

Campaign Manager

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I’m a community organizer with experience on political campaigns and in the non-profit sector. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on advancing policy informed by solid relationships with frontline communities and activating extensive networks of dedicated volunteers. I began my career in public service as an intern in Mayor Sam Adams’ office, supporting his transportation and education initiatives. 

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James Cador 

Field Director

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As someone with deep roots in Portland, I jumped at the chance to support Sam in his mission to help move the city forward. I'm excited to  mobilize volunteers to amplify Sam’s message of restoring a sense of energy, compassion and purpose to City Hall. 


T.J. McHugh

Communications Director

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Portland has been home for over 25 years. After spending time abroad for the last 8 years and returning to Portland - it is clear that we now more than ever need a City Council that works for all of us. Sam is the right candidate to tackle our city’s toughest issues.


Spencer Knowles

Communications Writer

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Having worked with Sam at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC, Spencer was thrilled to hear Sam was back in Portland to help move the city forward. With a background in writing and digital media he’s excited to share the campaign’s vision and resources with the city he loves.


Diego Palma 

Digital Strategist

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Born and raised in Uruguay but Portland is home. I specialize in connecting ideas and stories with people through digital campaigns. I’m passionate about education, civic engagement and helping promote progressive causes.

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