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Portland City Hall Monthly ‘First Thursdays’ Arts and Music Open House

When he started hosting them[i] in his city hall offices, Adams wanted to accomplish three things with the monthly First Thursdays at Portland's City Hall. First, especially for artists of color and female artists and musicians, Adams aimed to show a new set of artists and musicians each month who couldn't yet get into a gallery. Second, he wanted to demystify city hall attendees a glimpse behind the proverbial curtain of their city government. And, third, provide an informal opportunity to socialize with him and other elected, who joined in and opened their offices in May 2005.[ii]

"The latest spot to see and be seen on First Thursdays? City Hall. Check out Commissioner Sam Adams' office furniture, try not to spill wine on Commissioner Dan Saltzman's carpet, nibble mini-quiches in Randy Leonard's digs and see what else happens when the halls of power become a temporary art gallery. Adams' office spearheads the monthly events, which have focused on diversity with themes such as El Hispanic News' 25th anniversary and African American history."[iii]



[i] Art and Social Practice (February 2017) "Conversation series: Pollyanne Birge." Portland State University. Retrieved 28-22-2. [ii] Griffin, Anna (May 5, 2005). “City Hall celebrates First Thursday.” The Oregonian. Page C2. [iii] Chuang, Angie (April 27, 2006). "Mark your calendar." The Oregonian. Page 7.

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